Call for proposals for campaigns against car dominance

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 in FIT news

The Foundation for Integrated Transport (FIT) will make campaigns against the car and its domination of our culture its main theme for 2021. 

The Foundation will allocate a significant proportion of its annual £300,000 grant funding to campaigns, projects and research that challenge car-based thinking, provide solutions and build evidence for traffic reduction.

1. Car-free campaigns that challenge social norms and change minds could:  

  • come from community groups interested in savvy, innovative campaigning and stunts, or social media and mainstream media work against car culture
  • consider the joined-up consequences of car dominance (examples here)
  • present change as advantageous and liberating
  • take into account thinking and practice in other parts of the world 
  • reach out to a range of groups and ethnicities 
  • widen the policy space for progressive policymakers to implement measures that reduce car dominance
  • be bold and lead to radical change in policy, infrastructure and mindset.

2. Traffic reduction campaigns that offer solutions

  • should promote innovative but practical ideas such as low traffic neighbourhoods; protected cycle lanes; wider pavements; less parking; bus priority; excellent, affordable (maybe free) public transport; road pricing; car-free days and car-free leisure and national spatial planning policies that take us away from car-dependency
  • could consider the role of ‘new technology’ such as freight delivery bicycles, e-scooters and electric bicycles. (FIT will not fund electric vehicle proposals since EVs already enjoy considerable Government and corporate support.) 
  • should tackle the local disbenefits of too much traffic – air pollution, noise, emissions, domination of space, inactivity, road danger and congestion
  • should focus on the regional or national scale, or the co-ordination of community groups. FIT would consider local projects which have a regional or national significance in tackling car domination. 
  • could consider new methods for building wider support for change and reach out to a range of groups and ethnicities.

3. FIT is also interested in supporting work that gives academic and evidence-based backing to traffic reduction campaigns. This could include:

  • short, evidence-based papers
  • seminars to promote the ideas contained within them
  • interaction with campaigners
  • discussions with decision-makers.

Making an application 

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, email with a short summary for an initial conversation with one or more trustees to determine suitability.

Decisions will be made at FIT’s March, June, September and December board meetings in 2021.

For March 2021, paragraph summaries are due by 22nd February 2021. If suitable, full applications would be due midday 8 March 2021.

FIT is interested in funding a range of projects, organisations and individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. 

FIT awards up to £75,000 to grants each quarter. A substantial proportion of this will be allocated to car dominance proposals in 2021. Trustees are keen to fund as many projects as possible, so please be realistic with budgets. Larger projects could be split between quarters or supported with co-funding.

Some potential areas of focus are listed here, based on the devastating consequences of car dominance.