FIT’s vision is for a world:

  • with a human right to get around without reliance on a car, so that people can travel with minimum impact on other people’s lives and the environment.
  • which overcomes institutional barriers to transport justice, by means which include volunteering and social enterprise.
  • with a transport network where trains and buses are integrated, and with safe and attractive routes for walking and cycling.


FIT is a grant-making charity (number 1156363) established in 2014. Dr Simon Norton has generously given about £3 million to FIT. We welcome applications for work consistent with FIT’s vision.

The Foundation for Integrated Transport (FIT) exists to help create and promote transport solutions which rely less on the use of the private car, and are more environmentally friendly, affordable and accessible. We work mainly in the UK, but also seek to develop links with Europe for collaboration and sharing.

The trust’s assets are invested in funds which avoid commonly accepted unethical stocks and have a low exposure to activities inconsistent with FIT’S objectives.


The Trustees of the Foundation for Integrated Transport are:

Dr Simon Norton, Chair, Foundation for Integrated Transport. Mathematician and philanthropist

Michael Norton, Social entrepreneur

Stephen Joseph, OBE, Transport policy consultant

Dr Lynn Sloman, Founder, Transport for Quality of Life Consultancy; Board member, Transport for London

Paul Salveson,  Originator of community rail, advisor (part-time) to Arriva Trains, activist, author and transport academic.

Jenny Raggett, Transport campaigner

Roger French, OBE, Former Managing Director, Brighton and Hove Buses

Chris Crean, Environmental campaigner

John Stewart, Environmental campaigner

Alastair Hanton, Secretary, Foundation for Integrated Transport


Data Policy



In the year ended 31 March 2016, income was £118,889; and grants of £73,750 were made. More details on the Charity  Commission website.

2015/16 annual accounts

Foundation for Integrated Transport Report and Accounts year ended 31 March 2017

Foundation for Integrated Transport Annual Review of Activities year ended 31 March 2017

Foundation for Integrated Transport Report and Accounts year ended 31 March 2018