Our trustees meet quarterly, normally in March, June, September and December. The scale of our grants is usually between £5,000 and £30,000 per project. To apply for grants or suggest projects, contact FIT’s Honorary Secretary, Alastair Hanton 0208693 2618 info@integratedtransport.co.uk

Operating philosophy

We seek to minimise the burdens of paperwork on people who want grants. Therefore we welcome initial informal approaches by phone or email. Applications for grants may take the form of an initial project description of one or two sides of A4, to be followed after initial discussion by a fuller application. We do not have a set application form.

  1. We wish to encourage innovative social enterprises for transport, such as community buses and shared transport services.
  2. We favour projects directed to achieve change on the ground, as opposed to reports and policy reviews.
  3. We are keen on projects which are led by energetic, practical people who may have demonstrated effective achievements in related fields. We like to identify and back people who will succeed.
  4. We like to see others joining us in funding projects. Co-funders may be organisations with a particular interest in the field. Crowd funding may be suitable for some projects. We find that a funding commitment by us encourages others to co-fund.
  5. We ask to be informed of the progress of projects by reports or conversations.
  6. We want to be publicly associated with projects.
  7. Our trustees have a wide range of skills and experience. Individual trustees may be willing to help with advice or participation.


PhD Bursaries

The Trustees of FIT are interested in hearing from PhD students and researchers , and in discussing the possibility of providing support of around £5,000 and in exceptional circumstances up to £10,000 for project expenses for research projects which fall within our field of interest where the outcomes of such research is likely to have a positive impact on transport policy or practice.

If you feel that your work would be of interest, please contact us with a one-page summary of your work and your expectations as to its relevance and impact.