PACTS Report: What kills most on the roads?

Posted on Nov 16, 2020 in Publications

Covid-19 has had terrible consequences. It has also turned the transport agenda upside-down, showing that major change is possible, necessary and desirable. The government is investing in active travel and safety is crucial to encouraging more people to walk and cycle. This PACTS report, funded by Foundation for Integrated Transport, calls on the government to adopt new analysis that highlights danger, not vulnerability, and the vehicles that most put others’ lives at risk.


New report calls for urgent upgrade of bus services in Shropshire

Posted on Sep 30, 2020 in Publications

A 12 month project on Shropshire’s buses funded by Foundation for Integrated Transport has produced a final report.  The final report is available to download here.


Garden Villages and Garden Towns: Visions and Reality

Posted on Jun 16, 2020 in Publications

Report from Transport for New Homes available to download here.