FIT offers fellowships to develop the skills and experience of remarkable transport activists who are contributing to the development of integrated, affordable and sustainable transport solutions in the UK. 

Fellows include recent graduates, campaigners, researchers and problem solvers working to: 

  • explore a specific transport problem;
  • identify or trial a practical solution;
  • bring good practices from overseas and apply them in the UK;
  • pursue new angles on general transport issues; or 
  • identity specific means of tackling transport issues. 

FIT funds a flagship fellowship every two years. The main FIT fellowship for 2020 will be awarded on the theme of transport and climate change. The value of this award is £70,000 over two years. Full details with information about how to apply are available here and to download here.

Up to five smaller fellowships of between £5-10,000 each year are also available. These fellowships could be used to kick start new campaigns or research projects, or augment ongoing work. These fellowships will be decided on a case-by-case basis at trustee meetings in March, June, September and December.

As part of its fellowship programme, FIT provides: 

  • help with identifying experienced mentors or directors of projects/studies; 
  • access to other fellows with similar interests;
  • help with publication of results;
  • access to (moderated) web space for publication of progress and conclusions;
  • access to occasional conferences for FIT grantees and fellows; and
  • a logo for fellows to use.

The fellowships suit a range of people from young, qualified beginners, including post-graduates and graduates with a hunger for new approaches as well as experienced experts. But the focus of the must be on radical, transformative ideas.

Contact for more information and details about how to apply.