Alistair Kirkbride was awarded a FIT fellowship in 2020 to develop the case for the Lake District and Peak District National Park Authorities to take on transport powers. This is in response to the DEFRA-commissioned review of National Parks led by Julian Glover who argued that these bodies are best placed to coordinate and promote transport given their communication with visitors and single, strategic vision. 

Alistair’s work is co-ordinating dialogue and translating the intentions of Glover’s proposal to make a case for required changes in governance and identify which specific powers would need to be held by whom. This is all framed to make sure that it would lead to a range of desirable impacts that bring together purposes of national parks, maximising the public benefits of integrated transport and aligning these with government priorities.

Alistair has worked in transport demand management in the public, private and voluntary sectors for 20 years. 

His particular interests are in new approaches to creating resilient, fair and low-impact access and transport in rural communities and national parks. This work relates to a conviction that there is benefit to blurring the boundaries between how people travel and explore and the visitor experience. 

Alistair was sustainable transport adviser at Lake District National Park between 2010 and 2014. As a freelance consultant, Alistair has developed close working relationships with the Lake District National Park Authority and Peak District National Park Authority. 

Alistair also has a long-standing interest in shared transport and was executive director at CoMoUK, and is a long-standing advocate of shared cars “vaccinating” people against car dependency, and of the (as yet) unrealised potential of shared ebikes – all as part of integrated transport solutions for modern low impact mobility lifestyles.