Professor Phil Goodwin was appointed FIT Senior Fellow in 2020, with Professor John Whitelegg, on the theme of transport and climate change.

Phil and John will work on separate agendas of work while collaborating with each other and interested researchers and agencies between 2020-22. Phil plans work on:

  • the carbon effects of past and present roads programmes aimed at developing a net zero complaint sustainable roads strategy;
  • road space reallocation arising out of coronavirus pandemic; and
  • a technical and evidence base for local authorities and activist campaigns, both in support of sustainable policies and against unsustainable ones. 

Phil Goodwin, BSc (Econ), PhD (Civ. Eng.), FCILT, FCIHT, MTPA, is Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy at UCL and UWE. He was formerly a transport economist at the Greater London Council, director of the Oxford University Transport Studies Unit, a member of SACTRA, Chair of the panel of advisors for the 1998 Transport White Paper, a non-executive director of the Port of Dover, and Professor of Transport Policy at UCL and UWE.

He is a noted author on topics of induced and ‘evaporating’ traffic, travel demand, and transport policy. He is currently working on problems of the way in which carbon is treated in the appraisal of transport projects.

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