The following provide pivotal information that reflects the values of the Foundation for Integrated Transport.


Paul Mees (2000) Transport for Suburbia: Beyond the Automobile Age, Earthscan (ISBN 9781844077403)

Challenges the orthodoxy that density is a requirement for successful public transport. Makes the concept of integrated transport seem not only desirable but realistic. By no means deals solely with suburbia.
SeeĀ  book review by Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport


Marion Shoard (1999) The Right to Roam, Oxford University Press (ISBN 0-19-288016-0)

The loss of rural buses — both on weekdays and Sundays — is the latest stage of stealing the countryside from those of us who cannot or do not wish to use a car.

See Marion’s webpage


Lynn Sloman (2006) Car Sick, solutions for our car addicted culture, Green Books (ISBN 9781903998762)

Argues that rather than oppose cars altogether, there needs to be a change in how we think about travel.