Recent grants include

Good Journey Network CIC
Good Journey is an independent organisation working to transform car-free travel to visitor attractions and venues in the UK. We work with attractions to improve and promote access by train, bus, bike and foot. £52,400 over two years

Transform Scotland
A campaign to inform and influence the National Transport Strategy Review (NTS2), the Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) and the Scottish Government Transport Bill in the 2017/18 parliamentary year. To ensure that transport will deliver on equalities, public health and environmental sustainability.  £20K grant

Campaign for Better Transport
Helping campaigners overturn bus cuts and make the case for improved bus services. Improving connections between rail and road, access to public transport and interchange between modes.
£150,000 grant over three years

Transport for Quality of Life
Research report on governance models for a world-class bus system in Britain, including a comprehensive network and simple single ticketing system.

Transport for New Homes
A field-based project to discover how and if new housing is being built around sustainable transport.
£39,500 grant over two years.

Shropshire Rural Bus Project
Professor John Whitelegg research project on the future of rural bus services in Shropshire. Applying European case studies to demonstrate that high quality rural buses (frequency, connectivity and integration) could be achieved in a typical English shire county. £2K

London Cycling Campaign
London Boulevard project for the route from Oxford Street to Old Street/Silicon roundabout, connecting the heart of the West End to the heart of the new East End. These are some of the most congested, hostile and horrible streets in London. The aim of the project is to make it easier and more pleasant to travel, and indeed linger, along this route.
£10,000 grant

Sheila McKechnie Foundation
Sponsorship of the Transport Campaigner Award, 2015, 2016, 2017

Association of British Commuters
Social media community working to create a new model of grass roots organising that can truly hold transport companies, and the government, to account. Filling the gap between individual passengers and semi-official representative bodies.
Start up grant of £5000

20’s Plenty for Us
Outer London boroughs campaign for 20mph zones.
£12,000 grant over 2 years

Report into an alternative vision for the south coast corridor (Sussex).
£29,895 grant

Grassroots Demand for Integrated Transport (GDIT)

Campaign for National Parks
Sustainable and integrated transport in National Parks and other initiatives for less car use.
£1,000 grant