FIT awards Senior Fellowships every two years. For 2020-22 the theme is transport and climate change.

Transport is the UK’s biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions and its worst performing sector for carbon reductions. Reducing emissions from transport requires immediate, innovative and radical thinking in terms of policies, technical interventions and changes in our travel behaviour. 

Following a public competition, which attracted a strong field of applicants, FIT appointed Professor Phil Goodwin and Professor John Whitelegg as its first two Senior Fellows in August 2020.

Programmes of Work

Work carried out by Phil and John will not be a single defined project, but a number of flexible themes which allows them to work separately, together, and with other collaborators. In a rapidly-changing situation, these may change during the course of the two years.

John Whitelegg plans a meta-review on measures and interventions with CO2 reduction results; collaboration with leading policy institutes including Wuppertal, Lund University, and Tyndall; best practice case studies e.g. Oslo, Freiburg, Lund; contacts with climate emergency centres in unitary and county councils; a workshop on measures and best practice; and short summaries based on the EU Evidence project in accessible style.

Phil Goodwin plans work on the carbon effects of past and present roads programmes aimed at developing a net zero compliant sustainable roads strategy; work on road space reallocation arising out of coronavirus pandemic; technical and evidence base used by  activists campaigns, both in support of sustainable policies and against unsustainable ones. 

There will be scope for interaction and cooperation on these work programmes, both with each other and with networks of other interested researchers and agencies, which will develop over the period.

Links to recent work and publications from our senior fellows on the theme of transport and climate change are available via our What our fellows are thinking page.