Apply for funding from FIT

FIT provides grants (typically between £5,000 and £30,000) for projects that promote and deliver transport as a basic right and tackle climate change and emissions from transport.


FIT’s vision is a world where:

  • People have a right to a decent life without having to own or drive a car
  • People can travel with minimum impact on other people’s lives and the environment
  • Trains and buses are integrated and safe and attractive routes are provided for walking and cycling
  • Barriers to transport justice are removed, by means which include volunteering and social enterprise

In 2022, FIT’s funding focus is traffic reduction, with a particular emphasis on road-user charging.

Trustees are looking for bold, provocative and entertaining campaigns that change minds and challenge the status quo.

NEW! We are now also accepting applications relating to road safety and aviation awareness projects, in memory of the late Alastair Hanton.

Rural bus

We prioritise

  • Campaigns to charge car users for the external costs they impose on society and the environment, for instance road pricing, levies on car parking, and raising revenue for local authorities
  • Projects that aim for high-quality, low-carbon, cheap or free public transport
  • Projects that achieve significant reductions in car use and increase the use of public transport, walking and cycling
  • Transformational projects that achieve and inspire large-scale change on the ground, as opposed to reports and policy reviews
  • Projects which are led by energetic, practical people who may have demonstrated effective achievements in related fields
  • Grassroots citizen groups arguing for radical change
  • A new generation of transport campaigners
  • Initiatives that change minds, for example about using cars

Application process

Please complete and submit the application form below. This will be reviewed by our administrator. Some proposals may be turned down if they do not meet our criteria, or more detail may be requested.

Suitable proposals will then be forwarded to trustees, with final decisions made at quarterly Board meetings.

Please submit application forms by 28 February for decision at the March 2022 Board meeting. The following deadlines are 26 May for decision at the June 2022 Board meeting, 26 August for decision at the September 2022 Board meeting, and 28 November for decision at the December 2022 Board meeting.

But we advise submitting proposals in advance of these deadlines to give trustees enough time for full consideration.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, guidance, or a conversation with a trustee before making an application.