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Focus of work

Greener Transport Solutions is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the decarbonisation of transport. Our current focus is Pathways to Net Zero which builds on our Manifesto for Decarbonising Transport. The key conclusion of the Manifesto was that technological solutions will be insufficient to get to net zero and that urgent attention must be given to traffic reduction.

 Pathways to Net Zero aims to raise awareness of the vital importance of traffic reduction as part of the strategy to decarbonise transport and to focus Government attention on what is needed to deliver that reduction. The Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan and Net Zero Strategy acknowledge the need for modal switch, but the hard work of delivering behaviour change has been delegated to local authorities. 

 Much greater support is needed for local leaders. Pathways to Net Zero includes consumer research, consultation and in depth focus on key areas necessary for delivering traffic reduction including pricing, planning, behaviour change, changes needed to the wider economy and the politics of local delivery.


Since the start of this project in 2020, major improvements have been seen across all of the five input indicators as boroughs and local residents and campaigners have been able to see clearly how they perform in relation to neighbouring boroughs. In many cases council bosses have taken bold action to reduce traffic and create streets which encourage active travel. All boroughs still need to do much more and some boroughs have not done enough.

The Healthy Streets Scorecard coalition has been instrumental in making Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets common parlance, have put the urgent need for more Controlled Parking Zones firmly on the map, and have won the respect of councillors across London from all parties. They have successfully demonstrated that five simple, affordable changes will deliver a whole range of vital benefits – eliminating road casualties; getting people active; dramatically reducing carbon emissions; cleaning London’s air and delivering a more tranquil, stress-free urban environment.

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