Thames Crossing Action Group

Representing thousands of people who are opposed to the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

Focus of work

Thames Crossing Action Group represents thousands of people who are opposed to the proposed Lower Thames Crossing (LTC).

The LTC is currently estimated to cost £8.2bn and would create a hugely destructive triangle. This is a huge project that is estimated to create over 5m tonnes of carbon emissions. The LTC would destroy homes, lives, health, communities, greenbelt, solar farms, grade 1 listed agricultural land, ancient woodland, wildlife and habitats, the environment, and so much more.
It would also not solve the problems that so many suffer with due to the Dartford Crossing, which would remain over capacity even if LTC is built, a fact proven by Highways England’s own data. Highways England have also not planned for how traffic would migrate between the two crossings. If LTC goes ahead, there would be more congestion and pollution.


Thames Crossing Action Group has already scored a significant victory as Highways England was forced to withdraw its first Development Consent Order (DCO) application to avoid Planning Inspectorate (PINS) refusing it. The group’s 51 page ‘inadequacies of consultation’ report for PINS contributed to this significant delay.

Thames Crossing Action Group are now preparing to submit evidence and challenge Highways England’s next DCO application. They plan to maintain their high profile social media presence, and continue to gain national and local media attention

Thames Crossing Action Group
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